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Spiritual Reading (Recorded)

$65.00 USD

The late Toni Morrison said "you are your best thing" and you, sweet soul,  should believe her. 

This reading is centered around bringing you closer to yourself and reminding you of your power. Your relationship with yourself is your most sacred thing and let me support you with believing & remembering that. 


In this session, I am a channel between you and spirit. Spirit speaks to me and allows me to answer your question(s). I perform readings that focus on selfhood. 

Examples  of the readings I do are: exploring together ways you can invite healing into your life, patterns you need to let go of, ways you can connect deeper with yourself, how to show up better in relationships, etc. 

When asking your question(s) , please create them around the “how can I” vs the “when will I.”  For example:  “How can I make more space for love to flow towards me”  vs “When am I going to get into my next relationship?” 

All readings are recorded and sent to your email as an audio file.  I suggest having a notebook to take notes. 

Your reading will include: 

-  An Audio recording of your reading  
- Journaling Prompt(s) to dig deeper into the core of the situation                                       
 - Spiritual Ritual(s) to help assist you in your current moment


Purchasing a reading gives me consent to tap into your energy.  The more open you are to having your energy read, the easier it is for spirit to flow through me and deliver a message. 

Before choosing me, check in with yourself to make sure our energies align with each other. Check in to make sure you trust me enough to give you the guidance. 

If this is so, tell yourself “I am open to receiving messages from my higher self through this session” which allows me to connect deeper with your energy during this reading. 


Once you purchase your readings. I will contact you asking for your pronouns, 
date of birth and question(s). 


Readings are recorded and delivered as an audio file to your email address listed.
All readings take up to 14 business days after you send me back your question to be delivered.

Sales are final. No Refunds.