Meet Demetria (She/they)  

My journey as a healer was NOT love at first card pull.  I doubted myself, ignored my gifts, and leaned into the narrative that I didn't deserve good things

I kept running away from my inner work and my ancestors kept dragging me back to it. I had no choice but to embrace myself which forced me to open the door to healing through radical self care. 

It was in this initial healing journey  that I begin asking myself  "what would happen if I believed in myself and my power?" and so far, in my self love practice,  the answer has always been true love, in abundance.

Who I am 

As a Black Fat Queer Femme, the work that is most dear  to me is supporting Black Queer people with connecting with themselves, their ancestors and their inner power. 

I am a cancer moon, healer, spiritual herbalist and postpartum birth worker. I grew up in the U.S. South.  As an artist, I combined live experiences with the mystic.  Check out my artwork here. 

“you see your face. you see a flaw. how. if you are the only one who has this face. – the beauty construct”
― Nayyirah Waheed

What I do

I support people with healing, believing and connecting with themselves though ritual makings, self care workshops, and spiritual readings. 

What I offer

  • Spiritual Led Readings
  • Ritual & Altar Making
  • Self Care Workshops
  • Herbalism Workshops
  • Postpartum rituals (Coming soon)