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Low Cost Offer **For Black Trans Folks**

$25.00 USD

****Please note this reading is only offered to Black people who identify as Trans****

I recognize that the world does not offer enough love and support to people who identify as so and I choose to give space in my life to healing, listening and standing with Black Trans Folks.

About this offer

My readings are centered around bringing you closer to yourself and offering clarity. Through a variety of spiritual tools, I channel a message with the  help of the spirits and the ancestors

In this reading, I will answer one question. I practice mindfulness as a reader and aim to support you in blooming into the best version of yourself by focusing on awareness of self and taking ownership of our actions.  

Please center your question around the “how can I” v.s. the “when will I.”  For examples  “How can I make more space for love to flow towards me”  vs “When am I going to get into my next relationship?” 


Purchasing a reading gives me consent to tap into your energy.  The more open you are to having your energy read, the easier it is for spirit to flow through me and deliver a message. 

Before choosing me, check in with yourself to make sure our energies align with each other. Check in to make sure you trust me enough to give you the guidance. If so, tell yourself “I am open to receiving messages from my higher self through this session” which allows me to connect deeper with your energy during this reading. 


Once you purchase your readings. I will contact you asking for your pronouns, date of birth and question(s). 


Readings are recorded and delivered as an audio file to your email address listed. 

All readings take up to 14 business days after you send me back your question to be delivered.

Sales are final. No Refunds.