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Spiritual Session (Live)

$90.00 USD

"Was [they] full of life like good soil, or empty like dirt?" - Ntzoke Shange.  

During this live session, we'll tap into the wisdom of  your ancestors/ spirit guides to make a path for you to continually show up in this world as your whole ass, full ass self.  

Much like my recorded spiritual readings, this is a space where spirit will say what needs to be said. In this session,  we will explore your question/situation together. 


This session focus on self. The intention of this time together is to support you with understanding what YOU need for yourself. 

What comes up during this reading depends on your openness to hearing your truth. 

Examples  of the readings I do are: exploring together ways you can invite healing into your life, patterns you need to let go of, ways you can connect deeper with yourself, how to show up better in relationships, etc. 


This service is only offered as a video/phone chat. It is NOT Recorded. This session is based off what you need in the moment. We could flow into a movement, do breathe work together, consult the cards, or throw the bones (only for Black clients)


Once payment is received, I will send  a link to my calendar for scheduling. 

Sales are final. No Refunds.